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Lip Liner

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Our creamy, soft, and smooth vegan lip liners glide on effortlessly for an easy application.

  • Lip liners are a great, versatile makeup product to own. Regardless of whether you prefer lipsticks, lip glosses or lip stains, a lip liner can help to transform your pout, while making your lip products last considerably longer. 
  • Lip liners help to create a more defined look for the lips.They fill in any uneven areas on the lips, making them appear fuller and more symmetrical.
  • Lip liners can be used to prevent lipstick from bleeding outside of the natural lip line.
  • They are helpful when wearing dark or bright lip colors, which are more likely to bleed than lighter shades.
  • You can also use lip liners to create an ombre effect on the lips, where you have a two-tone effect, for a cohesive blend between your chosen lip colors.